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018-09-S03 – Fulwood Park – Existing Elevations & Sections

018-09-S02 – Fulwood Park – Existing Floor Plans

018-09-S01 – Fulwood Park – Existing Site Plan


Shaw House Barn 027-06-S02 – Elevations

Shaw House Barn 027-06-S03 – Sections

Shaw House Barn 027-06-S01 – Plans


031-06-GA02 – Site Plan (1 of 2)

031-06-GA03 – Site Plan (2 of 2)


Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are usually the starting point of any proposed development. A reproduction of the building onto a CAD system will act as a base plan for most projects. It is important to know what space is available, where exits and escape routes are, where structural walls are, where disabled access is already in place and where may be required, where fire alarms and call points are, where changes in level and stairs are situated, and to locate various incoming services and outgoing drainage. Provision of an accurate laser-measured CAD plan of existing buildings is fast becoming an essential tool for project planning.


A measured building survey can be provided to suit a range of requirements, including unit leasing or ownership, asset management, EPC work, fire strategy, disabled access, M&E, marketing or as a basis for future works. Quite often existing building plans are in place but their accuracy may be in doubt or modifications may not have been updated on them. It is recommended that a measured building survey is carried out before commencing any work. Detail levels can range from basic room outlines to more comprehensive drawings to include gross and net lettable floor areas, room dimensions, sanitaryware, fixtures and fittings, electric points, water systems, fire fighting and detection equipment, window sill and head heights, floor to floor heights, ceiling grids etc. Please email with a specification for your work and any questions if you’re unsure what data should be collated on the survey.


Lease Plans / Land Registry

Building and site lease plans can be produced to client’s spec. Lease plans and Site location Plans can be provided using Promap containing all the necessary data to comply with Land Registry. Local authorities require that each planning application is accompanied by a Site Location Plan, scaled at 1:1250, which can be provided either as a package of planning drawings, (see Planning Drawings page) or as an individual order. Please email or call for more information.

Site Plans, internal and external elevations, and typical sections are all available too should they be required.