Real Estate Marketing Plans

3D View Option 1

Online floor plans for the real estate market are becoming increasingly popular with buyers and sellers in recent years and in the current market conditions it makes sense to stay pro-active. When combined with photographs, a 2D or 3D plan of the property is a very effective way to give a true sense of the property’s layout to your audience.

2D Floor Plans

2D Plan









A 2D floor plan gives a clear outline of the basic elements of the building, including walls, windows doors and stairs. Room titles are shown at any level, but plans can be specified to include fixtures, fittings, sanitaryware, room dimensions and floor areas. Colour coding a 2D plan can make it clearer to distinguish different areas of the building. For example, keeping living space separate from storage space. The specification of the plans for your website can be whatever you choose.

3D Bird’s Eye View Plans and Visualisations

3D View Option 2

3D plans are what will set your property apart from your competition as few agencies currently offer this type of service. As well as showcasing a better layout in terms of aesthetics, presenting plans in 3D gives a better understanding of the property and its overall potential. Detail levels again can be specified to include anything you feel will be of benefit for the potential buyer.

Measured Surveys
Surveys are undertaken using Leica precision laser measuring tools to ensure an accurate reproduction of the building is documented. Recorded data is then drawn up on computer aided design software and presented as either a 2D or 3D model in PDF, JPEG or BMP format ready for uploading.