CAD Service

A CAD reprographics service is available as well as design schemes. Paper plans, notes and details can be transferred onto computer for the purposes of enusuring accuracy, or for presentation and submission to relative bodies such as planning departments or building inspectors.

Companies such as Architect’s or other design practices who have a temporary over-flow of drawing work can out-source their CAD work to me for an agreed fee based on either a set amount for a project or on an hourly rate basis. This is especially useful for those who wish to complete their drawing work in the shortest time period possible without the need to train temporary staff and pay additional agency fee’s. Also if there is a need to cover work during staff absences, drawing work can be out-sourced to me to ensure there is no down-time in the absence of internal CAD staff.

Files are returned in PDF and DWG format, and as paper copies if requested.